Thursday, August 7, 2008

charcoal drawings

I did these yesterday after Rich and I went to the Philip Guston exhibit at the Morgan Library. We sat in Bryant Park and I drew and we shared overpriced tea in a plastic bottle. The grassy area was open to the public and handful of pasty New Yorkers sunned themselves on the lawn. I counted only one woman in a bikini, however. I thought to myself, "I want to be like Philip Guston...", and then I said it out loud, probably.

So many things happened yesterday. For instance, Rich and I created another song. But this song was so good I decided to write it down so I could cherish it forever and ever. It goes something like this.

"Where you think you're going with you're big brown bag
Wearing suspenders and you're girlfriens a fag
Hey lady on the phone, who you talkin' to
Your boyfrien or the walrus, coo coo, kachoo."

Then Rich got a tattoo (see photo)

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