Sunday, January 11, 2009

HTML, Roy Orbison, "Paintings"

Yesterday I started making Richie T a website using HTML and CSS. None of this fancy Dreamweaver and Flash. No, no, no. My mother will have one soon created in this fashion as well. I also listened to records all day, and I found this one by Roy Orbison. What a lonely guy, huh? But this record cover is very inspiring to me. I wish for a day when every man and every lady can watch a beautiful girl riding a bike before their names fashioned as monumental sculptures. Wow, I really must beef up my writing skills. Anyhow, this is great.

Here are more paintings.

This is an idea for a larger painting, called something like "Searching for Meaning in a Tree."

This is a very poor quality photo of my aurora borealis painting number 1

And this, of course, is a man with a bird.

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NC said...

I love them JORDAN. Aurora borealis, yess!! The man looking into the tree is great.